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How Much Do Travel Nurses Make? 5 Important Things To Know

how much do travel nurses make

How much do travel nurses make?

Are you thinking about working as a travel nurse in the United States? The question “How much do travel nurses make?” is among the most often asked ones by prospective nurses. We will examine the variables that affect travel nurse pay in depth in this extensive article, along with insights into earning potential and advice on making the most of your money while travelling.

1: Comprehending Travel Nursing Fundamentals

how much do travel nurses make

Let us take a quick look at what travel nursing involves before we delve into the financial side of things. Travel nurses are medical professionals that fill staffing gaps and experience a variety of work environments by working temporarily in different healthcare facilities. Travel nursing agencies that arrange placements around the nation frequently hire these nurses.

2: Variables Affecting Travel Nurse Pay

Location is important.

Similar to regular nursing positions, travel nurse pay is significantly influenced by location. In order to draw talent, some areas with strong demand for healthcare professionals could pay more.
Because these places frequently provide more attractive compensation packages, take into consideration looking into assignments in areas with a higher cost of living.

Knowledge and expertise:

Experienced travel nurses and those with specialised training typically earn more money. Specializations in critical care, labour and delivery, and operating rooms are frequently in great demand, which increases income potential.

Skills in Negotiation:

Never undervalue the ability to negotiate. However, compensation rates for travel nurse agencies are usually predetermined, and there can be opportunities for negotiation depending on your qualifications, experience, and the particular requirements of the hospital.

3: US Average Pay for Travel Nurses

how much do travel nurses make

Let’s take a look at some average numbers to gain a better understanding of the earning possibilities. In 2020, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that the median annual pay for registered nurses was $75,330. But because their assignments are transitory and flexible, travel nurses can make a lot more money.

Salary information, reviews, and advice from other travel nurses may be found on a number of websites, including BluePipes and Travel Nursing Central. You can use these sites to determine the average salary rates for various places and specialties.

4: Extra Benefits and Things to Think About

how much do travel nurses make

Benefits and Stipends for Housing:

Numerous travel nursing contracts come with housing stipends that cover lodging costs in addition to the base salary. This can have a significant positive financial impact, particularly in high-cost places.

Travel Compensation:

Travel costs to and from assignments are frequently reimbursed to travel nurses. Flights, gas mileage, or even a stipend for driving to the new location may be covered by these reimbursements.

Taxes benefits:

Tax benefits, such as per diem deductions for meals and incidentals, may be available to travel nurses. To get the most out of your tax advantages while working as a travel nurse, speak with a tax expert.

5: Advice on How to Make the Most of Your Travel Nursing Income

how much do travel nurses make

Create an effective resume.

On your resume, emphasise your relevant experience, talents, and certifications. Having a great CV might help you stand out and perhaps get you higher-paying jobs.

Adaptability is essential.

You may be able to get more chances and possibly higher-paying assignments if you are flexible with your shift schedule and location choices.

Ongoing Education:

Invest in your career advancement by gaining new qualifications and competencies. This can result in increased pay rates in addition to improving your marketability.


how much do travel nurses make

It can be concluded that there is no universally applicable response to the question, “How much do travel nurses make?” Travel nurses’ pay is determined by a number of variables, such as contract terms, location, experience, and ability to negotiate.

You can make well-informed selections to optimise your earning potential as a travel nurse in the United States by being cognizant of these aspects as well as extra bonuses and incentives. Making the most of your fascinating and fulfilling career while travelling requires careful planning, utilising internet resources, and speaking with seasoned travel nurses.

Source: Bureau of Labour Statistics, Occupational Employment and Wages, May 2020, Registered Nurses (https://www.bls.gov/oes/current/oes291141.htm)

Good luck!

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